The International Student LiedDuo Competition offers you as a duo an opportunity to practise lied performance on a high level, already during your studies. In this competition you can develop your artistic and technical skills by competing against other students of music.

It also gives you an excellent chance to present yourselves to a jury of wellknown artists and experts. Seize that chance!

Why duos? Why lied?

"A duo of voice and piano is the most beautiful combination that exists." Many people share this opinion with me. The fusion of text and music for these two instruments has always been an inspiration for great composers; still today this genre is an esteemed composition form.

In the lied performance all the attention is focused on two "voices", the human voice and that of the piano. Two voices that both in their own way and with their own means look for a unity in interpretation, inspiring each other to reach the very heart of the composition.

While many competitions are held for singers, and many competitions for pianists, a competition for duos is quite unique.

Goals of this competition

History teaches that a distinctive achievement at a competition often proves an important boost to the career of an artist.

The competition also aims at awakening the further interest in the lied art in young music students and their audience.

Moreover, our goal is to keep composing lied alive. Therefore, you are expected to perform a new song, exclusively commissioned for this competition.

On behalf of the foundation International Student Lied Duo Competition, I wholeheartedly invite you to participate in our concours.

Yours sincerely,

Marien van Nieukerken

Artistic Director