The International Student LiedDuo Competition was and is the only competition in the world that focuses exclusively on students in Vocals and Piano, who aspire to engage with Lieder art at the highest possible level. It is laudable that in recent years, interest in Lieder art among youg musicians has been growing. Indeed, Lieder are among the most beloved genres, with their confluence of poetry and music taking shape in the artistic symbiosis of piano and vocals.

The ISLDC offers students an opportunity to perform a repertoir that is both challenging and inspired by personal passions, and present themselves to a Jury consisting of renowned vocalists and pianists well-versed in Lieder.

In 2005, the competition was established by Marien van Nieukerken, himself a passionate Lieder pianist. Under his leadership, the competition evolved to an event that matters: many laureates have later found their ways to more senior competitions as well as concert venues. It is my greatest honour to take the baton and follow his footsteps.

One novelty in the 2019 edition is that in the seminfainals, participants will not only present a programme inspired by the commissioned composition, but also moderate it and explore novel ways of presentation. This year's composer-in-residence is Lucas Wiegerink, and a text from Erasmus' Lof der Zotheid (In Praise of Folly) has been selected.

I cordially invite you to participate, and to present yourselves to the jury, your fellow music students, and the enthusiastic public in the ever-vibrant students' city of Groningen.

Hans Eijsackers

Artistic Director